Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I Like this, I like this a lot!

I like this, I like this a lot! I like the whole being able to get ideas that aren't my own, so that all I need to do is blog about my comics and someone, whether it be "Glorious Revolution", or "Romero's Arrows", then I don't even have the strain and wear on my mind about the ideas, all I have to do is give the basic outline of the comic and someone will give me an idea, and all I have to do is the fun part of drawing it out (minor storyline and plot development involved, but ya know, that's just okay). Anyways, I used "Glorious Revolution's" idea about the Un-ripenable bananna, he is now an intricate part of the storyline and where I've gotten some of my recent ideas for my comics of Monkey the Monkey. I'll work on "Romero's Arrows'" Idea with the gorrilla soon. Anyways... I like this... Here's a picture of the monkey and the bananna... :P


Kirk said...

Dude, I am freakin famous now! My ideas are yours anytime. Warning though, they might suck.

J.Comics said...

hey, I like your ideas!