Tuesday, September 30, 2008

J.Comix's J.Comics

Now it is time for the main event... J.COMICS! What are J.Comics you ask? Well, it is a set of comics, created by me, that can be about pretty much anything. (If I aprrove) I love to draw, it is mylife and my passion. So...yeah. My most famous J.Comic ever is probably Crazy. Crazy is a comic about a round shaped creature that lives in a place called Crazy-town and he just goes through all of these nonsensicle adventures. Most of the episodes have no point, or even a true story, and hardly any episodes have a true reason for even existing. There are around 60 episodes seperated into 3 or 4 seasons, the first season is dedicated to introducing the characters and Crazy's insane life. The second season is dedicated to Crazy's life as a Pirate ship captain and his undersea life. The third season is mostly dedicated to Buckbeard (Crazy's arch nemesis) taking over all of Crazy-Town. Anyways, that is a little bit of what my J.Comics consist of. Most of the series are just fun little things so that I could draw and have fun. If you want to read a J.Comic or have an Idea for one then e-mail me at romerojo@wsdmail.net, and I will reply and possibly use your idea.

Monday, September 29, 2008

All about Gym class!

Yes, it is the funnest class of the day! And yes, I do love it! And yes, they do make you take tests in that class! That is the only part I don't like about it. I mean who doesn't love Soccer, or Football, or Bowling, or Volleyball, or Basketball, or even Badmitten once in a while, but I mean come on, who wants to sit down and take a test on what a Center is in Football? "Not I said the little lamb." Anyways, It is a fun class and I made a relatively good play today if I do say so myself... Okay so picture this: The other team hikes the ball to the QB, the time is set! He has five seconds to throw the ball or he's done for! So he makes a quick desicion, he sees an opening... he throws the ball to someone over on the right side of the field that isn't being blocked. Or so he thinks! He wasn't planning on having Jordan the Magnificent on the defence! I rushed in at the speed of light and knocked that sucka out! Okay, maybe it was two hand touch... so sue me! I still touched the guy! and not only that but I dove to do it! Yes the faceplant was painful... so be quiet about it already okay? Sheesh.

Mr. Potato Head

Alright, first for the important things... Mr. Potato Head... I mean come on, he is a potato with remmovable pieces, there isn't anything better than your very own, customizable potato to stick on your dresser and do nothing with! At this time I have a vintage Mr. Potato Head from the 1970's. It is way cool! I love it and it loves me! Except when I make it wear its eyebrows on its ears. Anyways, I've had many potato heads over the years and they all are awesome... so my suggestion to you is to get one. Even if you are an adult, it doesn't matter. Who is gonna care? Mr. Nobody that's who! No excuses! Get one! Now!

Welcome to Jordan Comix's...

Hello everyone... it is time for the moment you've all been waiting for... Jordan Comix is now a BLOG! Wow! How did he do this you ask? Well he just found out about blogging and now he's doing it! (How was that for anti-climactic?) Anyways, with my new and awesomely fascinating blog you will learn about many different and interesting things including: Family, Mr. Potato Head, Video Games, Scripture (LDS), Politics & Government, my job at Chili's, and many, many, many, many, many X infinity more things!