Friday, November 7, 2008

Stupid, lousy, rotten COMPUTER!

Okay, so today, November 7th, is part of national write a novel month, it is a challenge where you write a story that is 50,000 words long, at least, that means you must maintain a minimum of at least 1667 words a day in order to complete this task... I started five days late, so I have to maintain a minimum of at least 2000 words a day. Now here is the problem, I wrote about 1600 words yesterday, not quite all of them, but enough. Today I wrote about 2300 more words. Haha everything was fine and dandy, then I saved the product. But the dang computer freakin' saved it in the wrong place or something. I can't find my glorious words! 2300 words down the tube!


Kirk said...

Two words-----flash drive

Good to see you tonight.

neighborsanta said...

Download Google Desktop search and you can enter any word you typed and it will find the document the word(s) appear in. or you need a new(er) notebook????? Santa has extra's!!